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Citywide Congestion Management Plan (CCMP) by New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT)

5. Proposed Deployment Plan

TSP Technology

In-vehicle GPS tracking devices will be installed in buses and activated in signals along major outer-borough routes with high ridership. Priority bus routes for TSP deployment could include South Brooklyn Crosstown – B82, South Bronx Crosstown- BX6, and Woodhaven Blvd – Q52/53.

OHD Technology

NYCDOT proposes to add 900 new participants to the OHD program during the course of 24 months. The deployment plan would include an updated marketing strategy, a recognition/ incentives program as well as noise monitoring and low noise technology program.

HOV Vehicle Occupancy Technology

NYCDOT will procure and install camera technology for vehicle occupancy verification at key locations on East River bridges. Using these cameras, NYCDOT will collect vehicle occupancy data and evaluate the accuracy of camera technology. At the conclusion of the pilot, NYCDOT will issue a monitoring report summarizing the results of the test and including a recommendation on future applicability.

New York City Department of Transportation

NYCDOT will enter into the agreement with FHWA. NYCDOT has extensive experience in Federal grant administration and in the planning, design and engineering of capital and ITS-related projects. The agency has professional licensed and certified planners, engineers, and construction managers and staff that are able to manage projects and/or manager consultants providing staff support and technical assistance through existing engineering service agreements. Assistance with grant administration will be provided by the Division of Finance, Contracts and Program Management, which has extensive experience administering grants and complying with all requirements. NYCDOT has an annual operating budget of over $900 million and has significant financial controls. NYCDOT's staff of over 5,000 employees oversees and manages a five year $10 billion capital program.

The project is consistent with the metropolitan planning process of the local Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) – the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC. All project elements are consistent with the NYMTC long range Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). NYCDOT which is a voting member of the NYMTC is committed to adding all ATCMTD-funded project elements into the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)/State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) within one month upon confirmation that the project has been awarded ATCMTD funds.

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