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Rural Technology Deployments - North Dakota State University

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Table of Contents

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No Value Partnership Arrangements and Program Management
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No Value No Value Federal Agency Collaboration
No Value Deployment Region
No Value Challenges and Issues to be Addressed by the Proposed Deployments
No Value No Value Roadway Information Systems
No Value No Value Emergency Response
No Value No Value Oilfield Transportation
No Value No Value Corridor Freight Platooning
No Value Relationship of Proposed Deployments to ATCMTD Goals
No Value No Value ATCMTD Program Goals and Emphasis Areas Addressed by the Proposal
No Value No Value Program Outcomes
No Value Transportation Systems and Services Offered
No Value No Value Existing Systems
No Value No Value Enhanced Systems and Services
No Value No Value Data Analytics
No Value No Value Cybersecurity
No Value Deployment Plan
No Value Long-Term Operation and Maintenance Plan
No Value Challenges or Obstacles to Deployment
No Value Anticipated Improvements in Safety, Efficiency, and System Performance
No Value Quantifiable System Performance Improvements and Benefits
No Value Vision, Goals, and Objectives
No Value Stakeholders and Partnering Strategies
No Value Leveraging and Optimizing Transportation Technology Investments
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Table of Figures

1. Scope of Deployment Area
2. Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Sites for Emergency Response Dispatch
3. Existing Distribution of Environmental Sensor Station in North Dakota
4. Current Information Flows in State Travel Advisory System

Table of Tables

1. General Electric Transportation (Selected) Products and Services
2. HERE (Selected) Products and Services
3. Deployment Regions for ATCMTD Project Component
4. RSS Feeds from NDDOT Travel Information System
5 Deployment Plan: Roadway Information Systems for Efficient and Safe Travel
6 Deployment Plan: Advanced Technologies for Emergency Response Services
7 Deployment Plan: Telematics and Information Systems for Oilfield Carriers
8 Deployment Plan: Corridor Freight Platooning
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