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DATA-DRIVEN, ACTIVE, AND CONNECTED DRAWBRIDGE AND TRAFFIC NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Initiative (ATCMTD) Grant Application Miami-Dade County, Florida - Volume 1 Technical Application

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Entity Description
3. Geographic Area
4. Transportation System
5. Real World Issues and Challenges
6. Deployment Plan
7. Regulatory, Legislative and Institutional Challenges
8. Quantifiable Performance Indicators
9. Project Benefits
10. Vision, Goals, and Objectives
11. Innovative Partnership
12. Plan to Leverage and Optimize Existing Investments
13. Schedule
14. ITS Initiatives

List of Figures

1. Map of Downtown Miami and technology deployment site
2. Technology deployment site map
3. Roadway network and traffic signal system within deployment site
4. Miami-Dade County urban arterial dashboard produced by ITSDCA

List of Tables

1. Quantifiable Performance Category and Indicators
2. Project Deployment and Operation Schedule
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