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Advanced Transportation & Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Initiative (ATCMTD): East Los Angeles Advanced Transportation Management Project

Staffing Description

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Public Works' Traffic and Lighting Division (T&L) will provide staff for engineering, project management, and operations of the Project's technology deployment. With the County's substantial experience in transportation-related projects, cities within Los Angeles County have often looked to the County for expertise in traffic signal timing, installation of traffic signal infrastructure and communication, and other projects. The County has provided varying levels of service to cities, up to full traffic signal maintenance and monitoring, under maintenance agreements and service requests.

T&L's Traffic Systems Section has dedicated staff with extensive knowledge and expertise on the design and implementation of traffic signal and ITS-related projects. Traffic Systems Section has been recognized countywide for its expertise in traffic signal design and operations and has been called upon to consult or complete work for dozens of local agencies. These staff members will develop the new signal timing and provide testing to ensure the nominal operation of the project traffic signals. Any design work such as traffic signal plans will be completed under the supervision of licensed engineers. The Traffic Systems Section is also trained to operate the County's TMC, which allows for real-time monitoring and control of the traffic signals connected to the County's ATMS. T&L's TRAFFIC section is comprised of project managers with years of experience in the timely completion of traffic signal and ITS-related projects. Each Project component will be extensively tracked for schedule and cost. These project managers are exclusively assigned to transportation-related projects and have dealt with the regulatory and approval process for similar past projects, which should minimize obstacles to this technology deployment.

Public Works' Operational Services Division (OSD) will provide staff for the maintenance of the technology deployment. OSD employs traffic signal electricians and maintenance technicians who have extensive knowledge and experience on the installation and maintenance of traffic signals, fiber and wireless communication, and other ITS-related devices. OSD is currently tasked with maintaining over 2,000 traffic signals that use multiple types of controllers and firmware as well as the supporting infrastructure, installing new devices, and maintaining existing devices on the County's wireless communication network, which is one of the largest in the nation. OSD staff has been recognized as leading experts in the deployment and maintenance of wireless radios for communication in Los Angeles County. OSD also rigorously tests new traffic signal equipment and ITS devices to determine whether these products will function properly in real-world applications. OSD works closely with the T&L Systems Section in the implementation of new and revised timing throughout Los Angeles County.

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Ron Matsuoka
County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Traffic and Lighting Division
Associate Civil Engineer
Phone: (626) 300-2036
Fax: (626) 979-5319

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