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Advanced Transportation & Congestion Management Technologies Deployment (ACTMTD) Proposal: Next Generation Management of the I80 Corridor for Bridge Performance, Damage, and Load Capacity

B. Staffing

B1. Organizational Structure

Throughout this proposal, the general organization structure has been highlighted. Contractually, the lead organization for this project will be the Iowa DOT. Redacted                                                                                                                                                       Following award, each of the participating states will enter into a MOU with the State of Iowa for project administration. Each participating state will nominate a primary and secondary member of the project advisory committee. These members will serve as the primary State points of contact and liaisons. This project advisory committee will have full authority to direct the project and will be expected to be active participants. The industry partners mentioned herein will be contracted to perform the needed work. These partners are the developers of these proposed emerging technologies and are, therefore, the natural organizations to deploy the model sites. Each of the partner organizations have the necessary resources to complete the work proposed herein. Resumes for a few key staff are presented in the Appendix.

B2. Primary Points of Contact

The administrative primary point of contact for the work proposed herein will be Mr. Ahmad Abu-Hawash, PE. Ahmad is the Chief Structural Engineer for the Iowa DOT and, among other things, is in charge of bridge related research conducted by or with the Iowa DOT. Ahmad has been a champion for the development and integration of bridge monitoring for many years. His contact information is:

Ahmad Abu-Hawash, PE
Chief Structural Engineer
Iowa DOT
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
(515) 239-1393

The main technical contact for the work proposed herein will be Dr. Brent M. Phares. The monitoring system described above was developed under Dr. Phares' supervision as he served as the Director of the Iowa State University Bridge Engineering Center. Dr. Phares is heading efforts to deploy this innovative technology through the previously mentioned Advanced Structural, LLC. His contact information is:

Brent M. Phares, PE, Ph.D.
Advanced Structural, LLC
3012 Sapphire Circle
Ames, IA 50010
(515) 201-8676

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