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ACTMTD Proposal: Greenville Automated (A-Taxi) Shuttles

Cover Page

Project Name Greenville Automated (A-Taxi) Shuttles
Eligible Entity Applying to Receive Federal Funding Greenville County
Total Project Cost $8,500,000.00
ATCMTD Request $4,00,000.00
Total Federal Funding (including ATCMTD) $4,00,000.00
Are matching funds restricted to a specific project component? If so, which one?

yes: Restricted: GAVP $2M = Automated Vehicles/equipment; Verdae $1M - Mobility Hubs

State(s) in which the project is located South Carolina
Is the project currently programmed in the:
  • Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
  • Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
  • MPO Long Range Transportation Plan
  • State Long Range Transportation Plan

Yes/No – please specify in which plans the project is currently programmed
No - currently for all items.
Yes for MPO, if the GPATS Board approves the 2040 MPO Long Range Transportation Plan in October 2017 with documents supportingAutomated Connected Electric Shared (ACES) vehicles and technologies used in this proposal.

Technologies Proposed to Be Deployed (briefly list)
  • Automated Taxi (A-Taxi) shuttles using V2V and V2I technology
  • Infrastructure Enhancement (V2I)
  • nSight™ automated vehicle data collection and analysis system
  • Real-time traveler information system to support on-call service by A-Taxis
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