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While Alameda CTC does not anticipate significant regulatory, legislative, or institutional deployment challenges in implementing these technologies in the Port and surrounding areas, there are several areas that will be monitored carefully to ensure success:

  • Driver distraction with in‑vehicle devices. Navigation and traveler information tools have been successfully developed that provide audible alerts instead of visual alerts (e.g., smartphone screen). Audible alerts and other means of preventing driver distraction will be included in all mobile applications developed for this project.
  • Acceptance of technologies by private-sector trucking companies and Port terminal operators. The PETF and previous work completed on the ConOps and the ITST Master Plan have involved extensive stakeholder participation by Port stakeholders, including private-sector trucking companies. Thus, a strong stakeholder base already is in place that can be utilized for testing and early adoption of the GoPort Freight ITS app. In working with the PETF, this base can be expanded as the project develops. We anticipate refining our outreach plan under this project.
  • Coordination between system owners in deploying technologies in the study area. The City of Oakland ITS Strategic Plan states that it is more cost-effective to incorporate ITS elements into other capital improvement projects without substantial increase in cost; for example, communication links and signal improvements as part of roadway or interchange/intersection projects. The CAC can play a key role in expediting deployment of project technologies by coordinating efforts with other projects underway in the area. Coordinating field work can also help to minimize disruption to traffic inside and outside the Port during construction.
  • Commitment of agency funding match and continued operations and maintenance of investments. Substantial local funds have already been programmed and allocated towards deployment projects under the GoPort ITST Master Plan. This includes Measure BB funds, a full-cent transportation sales tax approved by Alameda County voters in November 2014, one of the first examples of a local transportation funding measure with dedicated funds for goods movement. Furthermore, the Port is committed to sustaining the operations and maintenance of all GoPort Freight ITS deployments for a minimum of five years after the ATCMTD project ends.
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