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Alameda County Transportation Commission
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The following summarizes the steps contained in the Deployment Work Plan:

  • Task 1. Program Management. Alameda CTC will provide guidance and oversight of the overall project to assure adherence to budget, schedule, deliverables, procurement, construction, integration, and performance evaluation. Alameda CTC will collaborate with USDOT and provide required reporting information. It will manage communications with the Port and stakeholders (Caltrans, City of Oakland, and others) to allow interagency collaboration and to assure the needed operations at the Port and other agencies are realized per the guidance of the completed ConOps. The project team will engage the CAC (public-sector) and PETF (private sector) groups to establish a working group for the project – successful deployment of the 14 elements will require working the data sources from multiple agencies. A stakeholder outreach plan will be developed with review cycles, webinars, and in-person meetings identified.
  • Task 2. Refine/Finalize GoPort Freight ITS Functional Requirements and Complete Final System Design. The project engineering team (Jacobs Engineering and Cambridge Systematics) will refine and finalize feasible system requirements and design for the GoPort Freight ITS. This effort will carry the feasible primary system design through to 100% plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E) that are suitable for public procurement. The PS&E will be based on the ConOps, initial system requirements and preliminary systems design that will have been completed by September 2017. The design effort will be coordinated by the appropriate CAC members or their consultants, to ensure that the system can share information with Caltrans, MTC, and City of Oakland systems, as intended.
  • Task 3. System Integration Team Procurement. Alameda CTC and their partner, Port of Oakland, will issue the PS&E as developed under Task 2 for public bidding and procurement. The project engineering team will assist with post-design services including requests for information as submitted by interested bidders. Alameda CTC will establish a contractor construction management contract to oversee the successful building and implementation of the system.
  • Task 4. Complete Application Development. The elements of the GoPort Freight ITS application, associated user interfaces and back-office elements will be developed, integrated, coded, and beta tested under this task. This effort will be completed by a to-be-determined application developer that will be procured under Task 3.
  • Task 5. ITS Element Construction. All ITS elements will be deployed in this task. This task will construct and install all of the required field equipment and TMC/EOC upgrades. This effort will be completed by a to-be-determined contractor that will be procured under Task 3. This effort also includes construction management that will be completed by a to-be-determined contractor.
  • Task 6. TMC, ATMS and GoPort Information Systems Integration. All hardware and software, and back-office elements of the GoPort Freight ITS shall be integrated under this task. The GoPort Information System will be prototyped, tested, and deployed. This task will also include system training. This effort will be completed by a to-be-determined systems integrator as part of the contractor team that will be procured under Task 3.
  • Task 7. Continuous System Performance Evaluation. The project team, in collaboration with key stakeholders and users, will develop key performance goals (and supporting measurement metrics) for the system early on, and will continuously measure actual performance of the system during the deployment phase. The project team is also prepared to work closely with (and provide data to) an Independent Evaluator, if the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) decides to provide one. This effort will be conducted by Alameda CTC and their partner, Port of Oakland.
  • Task 8. Long-Term Operations and Maintenance. Following the completion of this four‑year ATCMTD grant effort, the Port has committed to providing and funding five additional years of operations and maintenance (O&M) support to this project. If desired, the Port shall provide a brief annual report to the USDOT yearly that confirms the sustenance of this O&M commitment.

Systems Engineering Approach

Throughout the previously mentioned tasks, the project team will apply rigorous systems engineering principles consistent with IEEE and FHWA guidance, including, but not limited to, the following:

Risk Management

An initial Risk Management Plan has been prepared to identify and plan for risks associated with the GoPort Freight ITS project. This plan is provided in Appendix C.

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