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Alameda County Transportation Commission
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There are a number of USDOT programs that can be leveraged to support the proposed deployments on this project. Correspondingly, the results of this project can also be used as a model for these USDOT programs. Table 9 shows the relationship of GoPort ITST Master Plan vision elements as discussed in Section 10 – and the associated specific GoPort Freight ITS technology elements – to key USDOT technology, research and other programs.

Table 9: Relationship of GoPort Vision and GoPort Freight ITS Technologies to USDOT Programs
Master Plan Vision
GoPort Freight ITS
Technology Elements
GoPort Traveler Information Dissemination
  • GoPort information system/app
  • CMSs
  • US Maritime Administration (MARAD) Port Infrastructure Development and Congestion Mitigation
  • USDOT ITS Joint Programs Office (ITS-JPO) Enterprise Data
  • ITS-JPO Emerging Capabilities (Private Sector Coordination)
Communications and Collaboration
  • Traffic Management Center
  • Communications (Wi-Fi)
  • Communications (Fiber)
  • C2C Communications
  • ITS-JPO Interoperability
  • MARAD Intermodal Transport Networks
Observation and
  • CCTV upgrade to HD
  • RFID readers
  • Supplemental vehicle detection (speed)
  • Queue detection
  • ITS-JPO Accelerating Deployment
  • USDOT JPO Enterprise Data
Traffic and Incident Management
  • Adaptive signal system
  • Advanced rail grade crossing system
  • ATMS (includes centrally controlled signal equipment upgrades)
  • ITS-JPO Interoperability
  • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Railroad Crossing and Trespass Prevention
  • MARAD Port Infrastructure Development and Congestion Mitigation
Goods Movement Support Systems & Technology
  • WIM
  • Basic smart parking system
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Smart Roadside Program
  • FMCSA/FHWA SmartPark program
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