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Alameda County Transportation Commission
(Alameda CTC) - GoPort Freight Intelligence Transportation System


The Alameda County Goods Movement Plan (2016)4 recommends creating a technology development collaborative that integrates key partners in the public and private sectors to define and deploy transportation technology application opportunities in response to public-sector demonstrations and procurements.

Consistent with this recommendation, the GoPort Freight ITS CAC, which includes the Alameda CTC, Port of Oakland, MTC, City of Oakland, and Caltrans, will form the transportation agency partnership for this program. And similarly, the Port of Oakland's existing PETF will be the key private-sector partnership component of this program.

With guidance from the Alameda CTC management team, the CAC and PETF involvement will facilitate continuous stakeholder engagement and input, and in particular, will ensure that the deployed system fully meets the needs of both public- and private-sector users. This coordination will also ensure that legal, institutional, and private-sector challenges are identified quickly and addressed; and that they are implemented efficiently and in a way that reflects the goals and objectives of the project. Letters of support from key members of this partnership are included in Appendix B.

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