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The GoPort Freight ITS Engineering Team already has assessed project risks, and has developed approaches to mitigate those risks. An initial set of potential technical, organizational, schedule, and cost risks, along with corresponding risk mitigation strategies, are identified in Table C-1. New risks identified during the project delivery will be updated in a formal Risk Register and addressed proactively during the life of the project.

Table C-1: Project Risks and Mitigation Strategies
Category Risk Identification Risk
Risk Mitigation
Technical The first-of-its kind integration
of a freight community system
with a port ITS
Med The development of sound system requirements for software and applications. Needs based development of requirements. Early coordination between developers. Close agency coordination to develop procedures for C2C communication access/protocols.
Organizational Concerns regarding participation of trucking companies. Low Continue to involve the extensive trucking industry stakeholder groups that were involved in the ConOps development, as well as continually involving the Port's PETF.
Schedule Period identified for design is short in duration. Low The ConOps is complete and the preliminary design effort has already begun. The Systems Engineering Team will not change and is already under contract – no "learning curve."
Cost Cost estimates may change as the design is further refined between now and award. Med Proposed deployments can be refined to allow a tiered phasing of deployment – prioritizing more critical infrastructure and needs first.

A key feature of this initial risk assessment is that Schedule Risk has been rated "low." As described in Section 1, the overall technical planning effort that has preceded the development of this grant application represents a two-year, nearly $2 million intensive technical effort that the Alameda CTC has implemented to achieve the level of technical maturity of the GoPort Freight ITS that this grant application illustrates. Additionally, the Systems Engineering Team is already under contract. Therefore, Alameda CTC, the Port and the Systems Engineering Team will be ready to immediately begin this project, in partnership with USDOT, on October 1, 2017.

For the cost category, the level of "medium" risk has been mitigated by the planned phased deployment on the 14 technology applications across years two through four. For the technical risk category, in which risk is also rated as "medium," although this is a first-of-its-kind type of system, the elements of the system are mature ITS and information technologies, and the deployment will be guided by the multi-agency CAC, which will ensure inter-agency coordination to support implementation.

Organizational risks in terms of trucking industry support are rated "low," as the GoPort ITST Master Plan process has developed a Concept of Operations that is fully traceable to user requirements of trucking companies (dispatchers and drivers), and during the final design phase in year one of this project, the Systems Engineering Team will continue to involve trucking users and the PETF private sector advisory group – further assuring that this project will deploy applications that will be successfully utilized by trucking companies in their daily operations.

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