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City of Dallas 2017 Advanced Transportation & Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Initiative: Volume 1 Technical Application

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Project Name North Central Texas Regional Smart Transportation System
Eligible Entity Applying City of Dallas
Total Project Cost (All Sources) $9,505,902.46
ATCMTD Request $4,752,951.23
Are matching funds restricted to a specific project component? If so, which one? No
State in which project is located Texas

Is the project currently programmed in the

  • Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
  • Statewide TIP (STIP)
  • MPO Long Range Transportation Plan
  • State Long Range Transportation Plan

The City of Dallas' greater ATMS project is in the TiP.

  • ATMS Communications (TIP No. 20135)
  • ATMS Central System (TIP Nos. 11910.1 and 11910.2)
Technologies Proposed to be Deployed (brief list)

The following technologies will be deployed as part of this grant:

  • Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) Technologies, including the collection and analysis of high resolution data.
  • ATMS Infrastructure management, maintenance, and condition assessment system
  • Transportation system performance data collection, analysis, and dissemination systems
  • Open Application Program Interfaces (API)
  • Cloud based system technologies
  • Cellular and Web based technologies for system access and information sharing
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