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Sound Transit ATCMTD Application Volume 1 - Technical Application


Sound Transit is the regional contracting and procurement agency for the ORCA Next Gen program. Sound Transit is the agency that would be entering into an agreement with FHWA for this grant request.

  • The ORCA consortium consists of seven regional transit providers: Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit and Washington State Ferries.
  • The seven agencies are working closely with the consultant team to develop and implement Next Gen ORCA.
  • ORCA is governed by a Joint Board comprised of executive-level representatives from each of the seven ORCA agencies.

ORCA Data Analysis Partners: Washington State Department of Transportation, Puget Sound Regional Council and University of Washington are also partners in providing analysis of the extensive data collected from the ORCA system.

Next Gen ORCA is Bound by an Interlocal Agreement. The Next Gen ORCA project is governed by the ORCA Joint Board which is comprised of the executive or designee from each of the seven ORCA partner agencies. The partner agencies are bound by an inter-local agreement which spells out the structure of ORCA and the responsibilities of the agencies. Per the executed ORCA Interlocal Cooperation Agreement (see Appendix C), each agency pays its share of the costs to implement, operate and maintain the Next Gen ORCA project. Capital cost sharing between the partners has been agreed to.

Sound Transit Will Manage the Program and Project Funding. Sound Transit will manage the ATCMTD funding to procure the System Integrator contract needed to design the Next Gen ORCA system. Sound Transit will be responsible for reporting and other grant requirements. Sound Transit has experience in managing FTA and FHWA grant programs, including Full Funding Grant Agreements, TIGER grants and TIFIA loans. Sound Transit also has experience in constructing major technology projects funded with federal funding from USDOT. Currently, there is Project Management Oversight Consultant (PMOC) oversight over 12 Sound Transit projects receiving Full Funding Grant Agreements, TIGER grants and TIFIA loans. For each project, the PMOCs have found that Sound Transit has the technical capacity and capability and project controls to effectively administer the capital projects.

Summary of ongoing audits, oversight and reviews of Sound Transit:

  • The FTA conducts quarterly reviews of the agency. The FTA also conducts more formal Triennial Reviews. Sound Transit incurred only three findings in 2016 Triennial Review and had zero findings in its 2013 Triennial Review.
  • Sound Transit complies with OMB Circular A-133. Accounting procedures and internal controls ensure federal funds are managed in compliance with federal laws and regulations.
  • Sound Transit received its 21st clean annual audit. There have been no material weakness findings since the agency began the audits in 1994. Audit reports are shared publicly and presented to the Sound Transit Board of Directors.
  • Regular independent audits conducted by Lloyd's Registry Quality Assurance ensure the agency complies with the terms of its ISO 14001 certification, international recognition of how Sound Transit manages its environmental program.
  • An audit of the ORCA financials is completed annually. The most recent, 2016 audit, was completed recently with no findings.
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