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Sound Transit ATCMTD Application Volume 1 - Technical Application


Next Gen ORCA has a robust project management team and project management plan to support development and implementation of the project. In addition to the Systems Integration work, staffing for Next Gen ORCA spans multiple agencies (Appendix F).

Program Governance and Team Structure. The project structure has been designed to efficiently support the ORCA agencies in meeting the business requirements within the schedule constraint. The following diagram illustrates the three levels within the project structure adopted by the Joint Board. An Interlocal Cooperation Agreement between the seven ORCA agencies will be amended to include the agencies' obligations and the program roles and responsibilities.

ORCA2 Project Structure

Oversight. Program oversight is provided by the ORCA Joint Board and the ORCA Steering Committee. Both entities are made up of a representative from each of the seven ORCA agencies and are supported by the Regional Program Administrator. The ORCA Joint Board has overall responsibility for the existing regional fare system in addition to the Next Gen ORCA Program. It is the role of the ORCA Steering Committee and Regional Program Manager to inform and advise the ORCA Joint Board on program status, budget, risks, and issues. The Steering Committee and Regional Program Manager are expected to offer recommendations and to provide information relevant to Joint Board's interest in the regional fare replacement system program.

The ORCA Steering Committee consists of individual agency members selected and appointed by their agency Joint Board Member. Committee members constitute a cross-section of leaders with expertise in fare collections, policy, technology, operations and customer service. The Steering Committee has program scope and schedule authority within the budget authorized by the Joint Board. The Joint Board retains overall program budget authority.

Next Gen ORCA program oversight is provided by an existing cross-agency ORCA Joint Board and Steering Committee. Both entities are made up of a representative from each of the seven ORCA agencies and are supported by the Regional Program Administrator.

Next Gen ORCA Project Team. The Project Team is made up of regional staff dedicated to the planning and implementation of Next Gen ORCA in collaboration with ORCA agency staff. Members of the full time Project Team include:

  1. Redacted                                                     
  2. Redacted                              
  3. A collaborative Regional Program Team made up of the following five Leads, who will provide end-to-end oversight of these areas for the duration of the program. These Leads will engage subject matter experts to collect needs and conduct analysis to identify optimal solutions for the region.
    1. Business Process Lead Redacted                                            will focus on regional and agency functional needs of the new system including those related to distribution, sales, customer service, operations, maintenance, and business accounts in addition to all related reports.
    2. Applications Lead Redacted                                                                                      will focus on the application and integration needs of the new system based on an open architecture, ensuring adherence to requirements, industry and regulatory compliance, as well as architectural characteristics such as scalability and recoverability.
    3. Hardware Lead Redacted                                                     will focus on hardware specification, selection, integration and installation as well as determining the requirements and strategies for network communications and integration with non-ORCA hardware.
    4. Finance Lead (Redacted                              will focus on financial transaction, reconciliation, settlement and apportionment including reporting related needs, business rules and operating procedures.
    5. User Experience Lead (TBD) – This lead will focus on all interfaces between the system and agency staff and customers.

This staff team will be assisted as needed by agency-provided procurement and legal staff. In
addition, support to the program will be provided by the Redacted                                                                

Business Owners. The seven ORCA agencies are the business owners. The Project Team will collaborate with the Site Managers or other Agency-designated point persons, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within each agency throughout the program. The requirements gathering phases will include a range of SMEs from each agency. However, the Site Manager or other Agency designated point person will coordinate agency review of program deliverables and present a consolidated agency view.

Identification of Key Personnel, Roles and Responsibilities - Key agency personnel roles and responsibilities are listed in Appendix F).

Résumés – Key agency personnel and consultants résumés are included in Appendix G)

Primary Point of Contact - Brittany Esdaile, Regional Next Gen ORCA Program Manager, Work: 206.370.5553 Mobile: 872.267.2202 Email

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