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Sound Transit ATCMTD Application Volume 1 - Technical Application


The Next Gen ORCA project is in the procurement phase. The System Integrator procurement Request for Proposal is scheduled for release later this year. The execution of the System Integrator contract will be in the 3rd quarter of 2018. The Next Gen ORCA system is scheduled to go live in 2021. Completed milestones and the overall project schedule is outlined below. A project schedule is also included in Appendix E.

Milestones Completed

  • Needs Analysis and Technology Survey (2014)
  • ORCA Next Gen Strategy (2015)
  • Next Gen ORCA Project Team established
  • Consultant Team procured to support the project throughout all project phases
  • Program Plan Developed
  • Systems Engineering Management Plan outlined all necessary tasks and processes
  • Vendor Request for Information issued to gather insight into the fare collection landscape and conducted online surveys for current ORCA customers to better understand the needs and desires of customers for a new system.
  • The Concept of Operations has been developed and accepted by the ORCA agencies, which will help to set the course for the overall system concept.
Phase Deliverables Milestone Dates
Planning Program Plan, Systems Engineering Management Plan, Request for Information, Concept of Operations, Validation Plan, High Level Design, System Technical Requirements, Business Requirements Start Date: Q3 2015 Completion Date: Q4 2016
Procurement Alternatives Analysis, Integration Plan, Technical Specifications, Procurement Strategy, RFP Scope(s) of Work, Vendor Proposal Review Start Date: Q3 2016 End Date: Q3 2019
Design Detailed Design Documents, Systems Acceptance Plan, Interface Requirements, Systems Integration Plan, Verification Plan, Transition Plan Start Date: Q3 2018 End Date: Q2 2020
Development and Testing Test Plans and Procedures, Test Results Start Date: Q2 2019 End Date: Q1 2023
Deployment &
Installation Guides Start Date: Q1 2020 End Date: Q3 2023
Transition Standard Operating Procedures, Training Materials, User Manuals, Maintenance Manuals Start Date: Q3 2021 End Date: Q3 2022
Operations &
Key Performance Indicators, Evaluation Start Date: Q1 2021 End Date: Q4 2023
Close Out Close Out Report Q4 2023

Procurement Schedule RFP Contract Award Contract Complete
Procurement #1: System Integrator 9/15/17 8/29/18 2023
Procurement #2 - Data Access and Reporting (Integrator) 3/6/17 8/11/17 2023
Procurement #2 - Data Access and Reporting (Platform) 5/21/18 8/22/18 2023
Procurement #3 - Equipment 9/15/17 8/29/18 2023
Procurement #5 - Vending Machines 9/15/17 8/29/18 2023
Procurement #6 - Mobile Apps 9/15/17 8/29/18 2023
Procurement #7 - Retail Network 1/29/18 9/10/18 2023
Procurement #10 - Merchant Services 1/9/20 9/22/20 2023
Transition & Startup Costs (Media RFP) 8/21/20 5/14/21 2023
Consulting & Regional Staffing 10/13/15 2/22/16 2023
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