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Sound Transit ATCMTD Application Volume 1 - Technical Application

APPENDIX F: Key Personnel Roles and Responsibilities Role Responsibilities

Role Responsibilities
ORCA Joint Board (JB)
  • As executive sponsors, champion the Next Gen ORCA within their agencies and governing boards
  • Approve budget modifications above the authority given to the Steering Committee
  • Adopt strategic direction of Next Gen ORCA Program
  • Address program issues escalated by the ORCA Steering Committee
ORCA Steering Committee
  • Advocate Next Gen ORCA as a high priority within their agency and champion the common vision
  • Provide general oversight for the Project Team
  • Provide strategic leadership for the program making appropriate scope and schedule decisions within the budget authority delegated by the ORCA Joint Board
  • Inform ORCA Joint Board of significant scope, costs, schedule, and technology choices
  • Advise/provide direction to the Regional Program Manager on program processes and org structure
  • Resolve program issues and interagency conflicts
  • Prioritize tasks and resolve resource allocation issues based on program prioritization
  • Address escalated contractor performance issues
  • Communicate Steering Committee decisions and actions within their organizations
  • Resolve resource constraints within their agency
Regional Program Manager (RPM)
  • Successfully deliver a system that balances regional and individual agency needs
  • Manage program scope, schedule, budget, risks and program communication
  • Provide oversight of all Next Gen ORCA contracts and procurements
  • Manage Consultant Team and Vendor performance
  • Lead the Regional Program Team through the full lifecycle of delivering Next Gen ORCA
  • Maintain effective communications/coordination with program stakeholders and ORCA Steering Committee
  • Maintain oversight of agency implementation activities and dependent projects.
  • Coordinate with ORCA Regional Program Administrator on Steering Committee agendas/Joint Board briefings
  • Act as program liaison to outside entities and serve as an escalation contact to Project Team, Consultants, Vendors, Site Managers, Contracting and Legal Support and SMEs (where applicable)
  • Coordinate with agencies on upcoming meetings and anticipated resources required
Regional Program Team (RPT)
  • Collaborate with other Regional Program Team Leads, Consultant Team and Vendors to achieve objectives
  • Represent the diverse needs of the entire region and be resources for the Consultant Team and vendors
  • Serve as technical and business leads for strategic direction of Next Gen ORCA program
  • Work as a team to drive nimble day-to-day project decisions and help to keep Next Gen ORCA on schedule
  • Provide a lead role in consolidating agency input for functional and technical requirements, design review, testing and deployment, planning, and coordination in support of consultant and vendor deliverables
  • Support development, review and approval of consultant deliverables
  • Work collaboratively with Agency reps to develop understanding of business/technical environments
  • Manage the capture, analysis, and documentation of information provided by ORCA agency SMEs
  • Work with ORCA agency SMEs and assist agencies w implementation planning & business process changes
  • Participate in ORCA Steering and other Next Gen ORCA Committee meetings as discipline leads
Site Managers (SM) or Designated Agency Leads
  • Point of coordination for their agency’s business requirements and technical constraints
  • Coordinate agency review of program deliverables and present a consolidated agency view
  • Coordinate participation and support from Agency SMEs and other agency resources; identify and communicate resource constraints to the Agency Steering Committee member;
  • Funnel any issues to the Regional Program Manager
  • Validate that the design meets the stated Agency business requirements at key points in the program
  • Coordinate agency level testing, training, implementation, operations, and maintenance of Next Gen ORCA
  • Support the transition from ORCA to Next Gen ORCA
Agency Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Provide discipline expertise and collaborate with Project Team to define
    requirements and envision solutions
  • Coordinate with Agency Site Manager or Designated Lead regarding participation in Next Gen ORCA
  • Review documents and meet deadlines required for design, review and implementation
  • Support the Project Team for business requirement and technical constraint clarification, solution alternatives analysis and issue resolution, use case and test case development
  • Test design and implementation as needed
ORCA Regional Program Admin. (RPA)
  • Act as liaison to the Joint Board, Steering Committee, and to the Site Manager group
  • Provide regional ORCA customer outreach, marketing, legal, and public information resources
  • Coordinate Fiscal Agent and Security Officer support of the program
  • Coordinate with existing ORCA vendor and Support the transition from ORCA to Next Gen ORCA
  • Maintain rosters of Site Managers, Project Team, Steering Committee and Joint Board members
Contracting & Legal (ST)
  • Manage regional procurement and contracting processes as requested by the Regional Program Manager
  • Provide legal services, including drafting Terms and Conditions, Service Level Agreements (between the agencies and with the vendors), exhibits to the ILA and advising the Reg Prog Mgr and Steering Committee
QA Consultant
  • Provide outside review to assure the adherence to scope, schedule and budget is being properly monitored
  • Advise the Regional Program Manager and Steering Committee of issues and risks;
  • Ensure that program requirements are being met

Consultant Team


  • Advise on fare collection industry and regulatory issues and provide a lead role in delivering:
    • Systems Engineering documents to meet requirements set forth by the FTA
    • Project Planning documents, including maintaining schedule and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Concept of Operations and High-Level System Design
    • Business, Technical and Integration Requirements; RFI process and Peer Review
    • Alternatives Analysis; Solution Design and Transition Strategy
    • Systems integration documents and specifications for function-based APIs
    • Scope of Work for vendor RFPs; Requirements Traceability Matrices
  • Support Request for Proposal (RFP) evaluation processes; Support testing, verification and implementation
  • Review vendor deliverables and advise on systems integration; Support O&M phase as needed
  • Provide software, hardware, and services solutions
  • Provide systems integration support as specified
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