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Sound Transit ATCMTD Application Volume 1 - Technical Application

APPENDIX E: Overview System Integrator Project Timeline

The grant funding would be applied to software development and system integration, to be mainly completed by the System Integrator contractor. The System Integrator contract is scheduled to be awarded in 3Q 2018. If this grant request is awarded, draw-downs on grant funding are anticipated to begin in 4Q 2018 based on key milestone dates of the System Integrator.

Overview System Integrator Project Timeline

The System Integrator procurement Request for Proposal (scope in this grant request) will
deliver the following items:

  1. Field Devices including On-board and wayside validators, Driver display units, Customer service terminals and Vending machines.
  2. Externally Sourced Applications including Customer mobile application, Agency mobile applications, Customer website, and Business Account website.
  3. Back-office Systems including Account-based transaction processor, Customer Relationship Management application,
  4. Interactive Voice Response system, System Management system, Fare Media Management Application, Financial Management Application, Central Payment Application, Configuration and Change Management Application, Asset Incident Management Application and Tariff Management Application.
  5. Fare Media including fare media for initial rollout. In addition to supplying these components, the System Integrator will be contracted to operate the System.

Separate from the RFP, the seven partner agencies will be responsible for wayside and on-board network and mobile devices for Agency mobile validation and inspection applications

The following components of the System will be provided by separately contracted vendors and will not be a part of this procurement: Data Access and Reporting (DARe) system; Cellular service; Merchant bank services; Retail sales network and Fare media beyond initial rollout.

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