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Sound Transit ATCMTD Application Volume 1 - Technical Application

APPENDIX D: Summary of Metro Outreach Programs Involving ORCA Distribution

Program Purpose
Outreach site visits Provide Regional Reduced Fare ORCA cards to senior/disabled riders, provide information at employment sites
In Motion programs Provide transit information and incentives, including ORCA cards with value or voucher, to residents of target neighborhoods
WSDOT partnership Offer loaded ORCA cards to promote transit ridership as alternative to SR-520 tolls and Alaskan Way Viaduct construction
Southeast Connector campaign Campaign in southeast King County to inform local residents about bus service
improvements and promote the ORCA card
Expansion of the retail network ORCA retailers include: Safeway, QFC, Food Market, Thriftway, Roger’s Market Place and Saar’s Market Place grocery stores, Bartell Drugs
Third-party promotions Partnerships with TransManage (downtown Bellevue), the City of Redmond, Commute Seattle (downtown Seattle) and the City of Kirkland (GreenTrips) to sponsor programs about travel options and sold ORCA Passport and Business Choice passes to employers
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