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US 50 Integrated Corridor Management – Sacramento Region

8. Quantifiable System Performance Improvements

The challenges and issues described in Section 4 of the application lays the foundation for Caltrans District 3 and its partners on monitoring the performance for US 50 ICM project. System performance is a result of the project improvements that will be supporting the objectives and goal of this project, which is outlined in more detail in Section 10 of this application. The following are the anticipated performance improvements as a result of implementing the US 50 ICM project:

Improve System Performance (Mobility, Safety, Reliability, Productivity)

  • Decrease delay and collision (fatalities)
  • Improve Travel Time Reliability
  • Stability vehicle flow rates and average speeds

Provide Transportation Choices

  • Increase non-auto modes usage
  • Increase multimodal options provided
  • Improve coordination with operations on parallel routes

Increase Accessibility (Connectivity, Traveler Information)

  • Improve distribution of traveler information, multimodal connections made

Enhance Sustainability (Non-Auto Modes)

  • Increase non-auto modes usage
  • Reduce need for system expansion
  • Position corridor to take advantage of emerging/future technologies

Improve Environment (GHG Emissions, Green Infrastructure)

  • Reduce GHG emissions
  • Add green infrastructure

Improve Collaborative Partnerships

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