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US 50 Integrated Corridor Management – Sacramento Region

7. Institutional Challenges

Some of the institutional challenges that the US 50 ICM Project has faced were the current state-of-thepractice in corridor management, which has been highly disaggregated and siloed. Many of the implementation strategies identified in the 2009 US 50 Corridor System Management Plan (CMSP) and other CSMPs within District 3 have not yet been implemented. Individual freeway, parallel arterial, transit, bicycle and pedestrian networks are independently operated with little or no operational or institutional coordination among them, which can impede efforts to reduce overall transportation corridor congestion and improve mobility.

With our partners, Caltrans District 3 embarked on developing a strategic plan to assist in planning and implementing Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO). However, Caltrans District 3 was able to leverage the US DOT's Federal Highway Administration's initiative on Regional Concept for Transportation Operations by developing its own RCTO. By doing so, Caltrans District 3 and its partners engaged in a yearlong dialogue to enhance collaboration across each agency responsible for transportation management for each of the corridors in the Sacramento metropolitan area.

Office of Operations