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US 50 Integrated Corridor Management – Sacramento Region

3. Project Boundaries

Figure 1: US 50 ICM Corridor Segments.  Blue is used to denote Segment 1 - Enterprise Blvd to Howe Ave.  Green denotes Segment 2 - Howe Ave to Folsom Blvd, Magenta denotes Segment 3 Folsom Blvd to Cameron Park Dr.  All are along US 50 between Yolo and Sacramento

Figure 1: US 50 ICM Corridor Segments

The US 50 multimodal transportation corridor through Yolo, Sacramento, and El Dorado counties (as shown above) is under consideration for ICM deployment. The multimodal transportation corridor includes the freeway facility, arterials running parallel and connecting to the freeway facility, public transit systems, park and ride lots, transit parking structures, surface lots, and both bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

The US 50 ICM corridor was divided into three sub-segments for initial data collection and implementation. The US 50 ICM Project will be implementing Segments 1 and 2. The segments are as follows:

  • Segment 1 (10 miles) – Enterprise Blvd. in West Sacramento through the City of Sacramento to Howe Ave./ Hornet Drive in Sacramento County
  • Segment 2 (14 miles) – Howe Ave./Hornet Drive through the cities of Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, and Folsom to Folsom Blvd/Iron Point LRT Station.
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