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US 50 Integrated Corridor Management – Sacramento Region

12. Leveraging and Optimizing Existing Local and Regional Advanced Transportation Technology Investments

The Caltrans District 3 US 50 Integrated Corridor Management ICM Plan provides the District and its regional partners with guidance to better coordinate the development and integration of transportation system management projects throughout the US 50 corridor. This Plan supports the District 3 Regional Concept of Transportation Operations (RCTO) by detailing the critical steps needed to proactively develop and move needed projects forward on the US 50 corridor.

This Plan has already led to improved interagency planning and operational coordination, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) interoperability, and inter-modal connectivity and management of the freeway facility, parallel arterials, transit services, and bicycle/ pedestrian networks. The Plan also provides detailed guidance to Caltrans and regional partner agencies along the corridor to better manage the transportation corridor as one system, rather than as individual entities, to improve travel time reliability and predictability, help manage congestion, optimize system performance, and empower travelers through better information and more travel choices through all facilities and modes. The coordination efforts as part of the upcoming Regional ITS Master Plan by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) should improve the opportunity to develop a seamless transportation network.

The responsible transportation management agencies along the corridor already have strong working relationships and have collaborated on solving regional transportation issues over many years. The US 50 ICM Implementation Plan will take the partnership to the next level in transportation system management and integrated management and operations.

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