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Birmingham-Jefferson County Transportation Authority - Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Initiative Grant Application - Mobile Proximity Fare Collection

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Table of Contents

  Context of Our Project
  Project Summary
  Project Vision
  Project Eligibility
  Alignment with Federal Program Goals
  Alignment with Federal Program Priorities
  Description of the Entity that Will Be Entering Into the Agreement with FHWA
  Real-World Challenge #1 - Meeting Current Customer Behaviors
  Real-World Challenge #2 - Changing Customer Behaviors
  Real-World Challenge #3 - Mid-Size Transportation Market Limitations
  Real-World Challenge #4 - Integration in a Rapidly Evolving Technology Market
  Real-World Challenge #5 - Integrating with National Transportation Service Providers
  Real-World Challenge #5 - EBT Use
  Proposal Partnerships
  Project Detail Including Transportation Systems
  Period of Performance and Deployment Plan
  Federal Involvement
  Model Deployment
  Proposal Management
  Description of Geographic Area or Jurisdiction the Deployment Will Service
  Regulatory Issues
  System Performance Improvements
  Quantifiable Safety, Mobility, and Environmental Benefit Projections
  Vision, Goals and Objectives
  Public Private Partnership Opportunities
  Leverage Existing Technology
  DOT ITS Program Leverage

List of Figures

Figure 1 Regions Park
Figure 2 Bus Rapid Transit Station Design
Figure 3 Recent Mixed Use Development
Figure 4 Birmingham World Games Logo
Figure 5 Transportation System
Figure 6 NFC Technology Engagement Campaign Results
Figure 7 Birmingham Intermodal Station
Figure 8 Project Partners
Figure 9 Credit Card User
Figure 10 Digital Wallet User
Figure 11 EBT User
Figure 12 Cash User
Figure 13 System Architecture
Figure 14 Station and Bus Stop Architecture
Figure 15 Kiosk and Parking Technology
Figure 16 2018 Process and Flow Time
Figure 17 2019 Process and Flow Time
Figure 18 2020 Process and Flow Time
Figure 19 2021 Process and Flow Time
Figure 20 UAB SSCRC Logo
Figure 21 BJCTA Staff
Figure 22 Kay Participants
Figure 23 Scope Area
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