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Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Program: Micro On-Demand Rideshare System


W. Jeff Williams


101 W. Abram St.

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Arlington, Texas 76004-3231

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June 12, 2017


Dear Secretary Elaine Chao,

The City of Arlington is pleased to partner with the University of Texas at Arlington, the Arlington Convention and Visitors Bureau, EasyMile and Texas Health Resources, among other technology and service providers, for a dynamic, on-demand transportation service project for the Advanced Transportation Congestion Management Technologies (ATCMTD) USDOT grant. As one of the fastest growing states in the country, Texas is at a pivotal moment where the rate of population growth, infrastructure needs, and technological advancement are challenging our ability to deliver quality mobility services. The ATCMTD grant will enable the City of Arlington to accelerate deployment of innovative technologies and offer a wider range of mobility options to underserved populations.

The City of Arlington also writes in support of the Texas Innovation Alliance's ATCMTD application and recognizes the portfolio of applications representing the diverse interests of our state. We strongly believe that the path forward is a collaborative effort of public agencies, research institutions, and industry partners who are committed to advancing emerging technologies to solve community challenges. Leveraging the Texas Innovation Alliance - a statewide network of local, regional, and state agencies as well as research institutions, Texas is well-positioned to deploy, scale, and deliver results.

Arlington's grant project seeks to create a dynamic micro-transportation system, serving both fixed stops and demand responsive locations, using electric autonomous vehicles and driver operated passenger vans. The system will be designed to offer enhanced mobility to the City's growing senior population, the young professional population, and low income populations, as well as the broader community. Service will be provided throughout the entire City, connecting residents and visitors to key destinations, employment opportunities, and the DFW regional commuter rail system. Citizens will be able to request rides through a smart phone app, website, telephone, or at a number of interactive kiosks located throughout the City. The micro-transportation vehicles will reduce travel time and congestion through signal prioritization controlled by Arlington's state-of-the-art Transportation Management Center.

Projects made possible by ATCMTD will enhance regional congestion management technologies and deliver economic benefits by improving overall system performance to achieve efficient and reliable movement of people, goods, and information. Together, the combination of regional and state applications represents the greatest return on investment to the state and to our communities.

We look forward to joining the larger community of practice who are dedicated to openly sharing best practices. The City of Arlington, and the State of Texas, are open for innovation, and we are ready to pioneer creative partnerships to advance congestion management advance and introduce technologies that will have transformative community impact.



W. Jeff Williams, P.E.

Office of Operations