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Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Program: Micro On-Demand Rideshare System

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Table of Contents

  Description of Applicants
  Project Area
  Addressing Societal Issues and Challenges
  Relevance to ATCMTD Vision, Goals, Focus Areas, and Technologies
  Technology Solutions and Transportation Services
  Connected Vehicle Technology
  Deployment Plan
  Regulatory Challenges
  Quantifiable System Performance Improvements and Quantifiable Safety, Mobility, and Environmental Benefit Projections
  Vision, Goals, Objectives, and Performance Metrics
  Leveraging Existing Infrastructure and Investments
  Leveraging Existing ITS Initiatives
  Project Management and Key Staff

List of Figures

Figure 1a System Concept: Micro On-Demand Rideshare at both Fixed and Dynamic Stops Using Manned and Autonomous Vehicles, Facilitated by Signal Priority and Smart Streetlights
Figure 1b Arlington has a Growing Percentage of Households Below the Poverty Line with Concentrations In the Central Part of the City.
Figure 2 Project Organizational Structure
Figure 3 Fixed Stop Locations will be Supplemented with On-Demand or Pop-Up Stations
Figure 4 Two Fully Autonomous Vehicles will Provide Service on a Non-Public Right-of-Way Linking Arlington's Entertainment
Figure 5 Example of an Interactive Kiosk
Figure 6 Trip Planning Software Such as That Utilized by VIA will be Utilized to Connect Travelers with Rideshare Service
Figure 7 Preliminary Functional Physical System Architecture
Figure 8 High-Level Work Breakdown Structure of the Project Rideshare System

List of Tables

Table 1 Project Alignment with Expected Benefits of the ATCMTD Program
Table 2 Summary of how the System will meet the Goals of the ATCMTD Program
Table 3 Anticipated Equipment and Services That Will Be Procured by the City Following Award
Table 4 Data Collected to Support Evaluation of the System and Cost/Benefit Estimation
Table 5 Proposed Performance Measures
Table 6 Proposed Schedule



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