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Description of Figure 2. High-Level Process Overview of Focus States Initiative for TIM Performance Measures

  • Figure 2 shows the high-level process overview of Focus States Initiative for Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Performance Measures (PM). The first step of the TIM PM Focus States Initiative (TIM PM FSI) Phase 1 activities shows the Eastern and Western Regional Workshops involved in identifying the candidate National TIM Performance Measures of goals, objectives, data sources, and SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). The second step involves using the results of these workshops at the Dallas Workshop in December 2005 to identify and select candidate TIM performance measures used in the third step to develop the State Action Plans, which leads to the TIM PM FSI Phase 2 activities.
  • TIM PM FSI Phase 2 activities are shown as the conduct of State tests of National TIM Performance Measures. The results of these tests lead to TIM PM FSI Phase 3.
  • TIM PM FSI Phase 3 activities show the fourth step occurring at the Milwaukee Workshop in October 2007, which involved reviewing the results of the State tests and identified the next steps. The TIM PM FSI Phase 3 products are shown as the TIM Performance Measure Outreach Strategy and the TIM Performance Strategy Outreach Briefing and Fact Sheet.

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