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Description of Figure 4. Incident Report Form for Logging Information in National Fire Incident Reporting System

This figure shows an example incident form that local fire departments complete for each fire response, for inclusion in a National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) database.

At the top of the form, notations state "Fill in this report in your own words." Space is provided to fill the name of the fire department. Two checkboxes are shown under NFIRS 1 (1 – delete, 2 – change).

The form shows eight rows of fields (labeled A through H) to fill in. The eight rows are shown with the notation "Complete for all incidents."

  • Row A shows fields for FDID, incident number, exp. number, month, day, year, day of week, alarm time, arrival time, and time in service.
  • Row B shows fields for type of situation found, type of action taken, and mutual aid (1 – received, 2 – given).
  • Row C shows fields for fixed property use and ignition factor.
  • Row D shows fields for correct address, ZIP code, and census tract.
  • Row E shows fields for occupant name (last, first, MI), telephone, and room or apartment.
  • Row F shows fields for owner name (last, first, MI), address, and telephone.
  • Row G shows fields for method of alarm from public, district, shift, and number alarms.
  • Row H shows fields for number fire service personnel responded, number engines responded, number aerial apparatus responded, and number other vehicles responded.

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