Emergency Transportation Operations

Description of Figure 3. Sample of Typical Operator Screen Commonly Used in Computer Aided Dispatch Systems

This figure shows an example of a screen used in a computer aided dispatch software system. The title bar of the screen reads "Dispatch 3.7." On this screen, operators click on radio buttons or fill in boxes to log incident response information.

At the top of the screen, fields display the following information: active (status), 08/01/00 (date), 15:22:35 (time), ID (JLF, 0034534), PUL, SCFD, PCSC (_ _ _ _ 0).

Specific fields to fill in include the following:

  • Complainant (first name, last name, complainant, telephone)
  • Complainant, suspect, address info (warrants, known offender, weapon permits, weapon registered, protective orders)
  • Number, direction, street name, apartment, city, state (incident address and complainant address)
  • Grid, vehicle number, badge numbers, fire signal, dispatch (time), enroute (time), arrive (time), clear (time)
  • Generate case numbers (LEA, EMS, fire, other).

Office of Operations