Emergency Transportation Operations

Description of Figure 1. Sample Incident Logging Screen from Freeway Management Software Used in Texas, Screen 1

This figure shows an example of Report Page 1 from the Freeway Management software application. The name of the incident that has been logged appears in the title bar "Incident Evaluation of: US 0183 Northbound at Loop 360: FWEISSE." On this screen, operators click on radio buttons or checkboxes to record specifics on the incident.

Required fields on this screen include roadway, location, cross street, lanes blocked (freeway or frontage), specific lanes blocked (1, 2, 3, 4 or all), and incident type.

Other fields include geographic location (latitude and longitude), primary camera (logged and cleared dates and times), incident source (detected or reported), incident status (false alarm, verified, or cleared), and notify (911, law enforcement, EMS, fire department, courtesy patrol, etc.), and a comments section.

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