List of Tables

Table 1-1 Job Title and Suggested Chapters
Table 2-1 Contracting Procurement Issues
Table 2-2 Contracting Options
Table 2-3 Example of Inventory
Table 3-1 Steps in the System Engineering Process and Their Implications for TMS Maintenance
Table 3-2 Sample Staffing Levels
Table 3-3 Sample Staffing Estimate Spreadsheet
Table 3-4 Sample Annual Maintenance Costs
Table 4-1 Sample Life Expectancy of TMS Components
Table 4-2 Crosscutting Activities that Support Life-Cycle Maintenance Requirements Analysis
Table 5-1 ITS User Services for Maintenance & Construction
Table 5-2 Market Packages and Equipment Packages for Maintenance & Construction
Table 7-1 Example of Procurement Types