List of Figures

Figure 1-1 MD CHART Traffic Management Center
Figure 1-2 INFORM Operator I-495 Long Island
Figure 2-1 VMS Near Disney, Orlando Florida
Figure 2-2 Interstate-70 Glenwood Canyon, Colorado
Figure 3-1 INFORM Maintenance Crew at Work, NY
Figure 3-2 Systems Engineering Life Cycle Process
Figure 3-3 Incorporation of the Maintenance Concept into the Systems Engineering Process
Figure 3-4 Three-Year Report of Equipment Availability
Figure 3-5 Importance of Traceability and Configuration Management to the Maintenance Concept
Figure 3-6 Lightning Causes EMP Damage Remotely
Figure 3-7 Risk Assessment Matrix
Figure 3-8 Flooding Damages ITS as well as Structures
Figure 3-9 Annual Maintenance Costs by Device Type
Figure 4-1 The System Engineering Life-Cycle Applied to an Evolutionary System Deployment Model
Figure 4-2 Overlapping Activities
Figure 4-3 PM Versus Annualized Maintenance Costs
Figure 5-1 Relationships Among Maintenance Program Components
Figure 5-2 Responsive Maintenance Process
Figure 5-3 Training Underway
Figure 6-1 Telecommunication Rack—Lights Indicate Status
Figure 6-2 Multi-Year Development Phasing
Figure 7-1 H3 Hawaii Inspection of Elevated Section
Figure 7-2 Generic Asset Management System Components
Figure 7-3 Telecommunications Tower
Figure 7-4 Multiple Potential Points of Failure
Figure 7-5 Fiber-Optic Testing, Norfolk, Virginia