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Study on the ITS-Based Traffic Operation Strategy in Poor Visibility Environment on Inter-Urban Expressways in Japan


Road closures occured as much as 4,200 times in 1997 alone ont he expressways in Japan. Sixty-five (65) percent of road closures were caused by weather-related reasons, with 42 percent of those being attributed to poor visibility. Half of poor visibility-caused road closures were due to fog. This report covers the results of a study which investigated the effects of traffic control based on ITS technologies as well as conventiional measures to prevent road closure due to fog. The ITS-based traffic control system was tested on two expressway sections where road closure frequently occurs due to fog, and it was found that such technologies could yield favorable economic effects.


7th World Congress on ITS, Japan Highway Public Corporation. For an electronic copy of this resource, please direct your request to

Date: 2000


T. Kato, Saito, S. Kato


Vehicle guidance
Traffic control
Access control
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

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