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Best Practices for Road Weather Management Version 2.0


San Diego Field Operational Test of Smart Call Boxes: Technical Aspects


The goal of the smart call box field operational test (FOT) was to demonstrate that smart call boxes are feasible and cost-effective means of processing and transmitting data for tasks such as traffic census, incident detection, hazardous weather reporting, changeable message sign control, and video surveillance. The hazardous weather detection and reporting subsystem generated alarms for low-visibility conditions and high winds. In concept, smart call boxes serve as multipurpose data processing and transmission system using independent solar power supplies and wireless communication. The hazardous-weather alarm systems functioned satisfactorily to the extent that they sent alarms at times that appeared reasonable.


Transportation Research Board, Transportation Research Record 1603, San Diego State University

Date: 1997


Banks, Powell


Environmental Sensor Station (ESS)

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