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Best Practices for Road Weather Management Version 2.0


Development of a Maintenance Decision Support System and Usefulness of Snowstorm Information in that System


The Civil Engineering Research Institute of Hokkaido (CERI) has developed a prototype Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) that provides information on the Sapporo area via website. The system has been in trial operation since the winter of 2002/03, providing snow removal contractors of national highways with road icing and snowfall information (current and forecast information) and with operational guidance on winter road management based on that information. The trial MDSS provided current and forecast weather information and operational support information, and incorporated an emergency reporting system. In the winter of 2004/05, a new system that provides one-km-grid snowstorm information was developed and added to the menu. A survey was given to snow removal contractors on the potential uses of snowstorm information in the MDSS. Survey showed high potential for visibility information in winter road management. They also showed that the accuracy of the visibility information that is currently provided needs further improvement, and that this could increase the user satisfaction.


13th Standing International Road WEather Conference (SIRWEC), Civil Engineering Research Institute of Hokkaido (Japan)

Date: 2006


Yamagiwa, Matsuzawa, Kajiya


Decision support
Weather information
Internet/web site
Winter storm
Pavement condition

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