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Primer for Improved Urban Freight Mobility and Delivery
Operations, Logistics, and Technology Strategies


This primer is part of a set of projects sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) under the umbrella of Innovative Solutions for Improving Freight Movements in Urban Areas. This initiative seeks to:

  • Define the benefits of improved freight transport in urban areas.
  • Identify tools and strategies for practitioners to improve urban freight mobility.
  • Highlight noteworthy practices so that practitioners can benefit from lessons learned in the field.

This primer focuses on OLT strategies that agencies are employing to improve urban freight mobility. This primer is organized in five chapters. The next three chapters of this primer focuses on operations, logistics, and technology strategies, respectively. Each of these chapters features a series of noteworthy practices with key OLT strategy details, as well as an example of how the strategy has been successfully implemented in the field. The final chapter identifies opportunities to plan for and fund the implementation of OLT strategies. A complementary primer to be published in the future will focus on stakeholder engagement, public outreach, and partnership strategies.

aerial photo of downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Source: Getty Images.

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