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Financing Freight Improvements

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January 2007
Publication #FHWA-HOP-06-108
EDL #14295

Table of Contents

Notice / Quality Assurance Statement / Technical Report Documentation Page

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Funding and Financing Tools for Freight Investments

3.0 Case Studies of Freight Financing

4.0 References

Glossary of Terms


List of Tables

Table 2.1 Federal Funding Programs

Table 2.2 Federal Financing Tools

Table 2.3 Illustrative State Grant and Loan Programs

Table 3.1 Case Studies by Project Type

Table 3.2 Case Studies by Funding Type/Project Size

List of Figures

Figure 1.1 2020 Freight Shipments by Mode

Figure 2.1 Public-Private Partnership Option

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