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The Freight Technology Story

This publication is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information.

The Freight Technology Story - (Entire report in HTML format) The PDF version of the full report is not available. Sections of the report are available in both HTML and PDF versions.

  • Sections of The Freight Technology Story
    • Cover/Table of Contents [HTML, PDF 9MB]
    • Chapter 1 - The Innovation and Implementation Process [HTML, PDF 9.5MB]
    • Chapter 2 - The Reach of Intelligent Freight Technologies [HTML, PDF 21.7MB]
    • Chapter 3 - Intelligent Freight Technology Benefits [HTML, PDF 7.9MB]
    • Chapter 4 - Results and Conclusions [HTML, PDF 5.5MB]
    • Appendix A - References and Points of Contact [HTML, PDF 6.7MB]
    • Appendix B - Acronyms [HTML, PDF 1.5MB

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