Description of Figure 3-4

This figure is comprised of four different bar charts, each containing data from 1998, 1999, and 2000. The chart in the upper left hand corner is the "Percent of Ramp Meters Online." The percentages of Ramp Meters are approximately 61%, 70%, and 85% for 98, 99, and 2000 respectively. A second category labeled "FO Ramps" has a single entry in the year 2000 and its percentage is 90%.

The bar chart in the upper right is "Percent of CCTVs Online." These percentages are 60%, 72%, 79% for the same years. In 2000, the percentage of "FO CCTVs Online" is 85%.

The bar chart in the lower left is "Percent of Intersections Online." These percentages are approximately 78%, 78%, and 81% respectively. The only entry for "FO Intersection" in the year 2000 has a percentage of approximately 95%.

The bar chart in the lower right is "Percent of VMS Online." These percentages are 80%, 81%, and 82% respectively. The only entry for "FO VMS" in the year 2000 is 81%.