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Project - CALIFORNIA: SFpark Parking Management Program in the City of San Francisco

As part of the Urban Partnership Agreement, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) will be implementing a comprehensive smart parking system to help manage congestion. This system will be used to better manage a significant portion of the City's parking supply, including: 13 city-controlled parking garages, one city controlled parking lot, and approximately 25% of the City's on-street metered parking supply. The primary strategies used to achieve the congestion-management goals of this program will be demand-responsive pricing to manage parking towards availability targets, enhanced parking regulation enforcement, and new parking information systems. These strategies will be supported by new technologies including networked in-street parking sensors and parking meters that support various forms of payment, including coins, smart cards, as well as credit and debit cards.

Implementation Funds Awarded

August 2007

Project Operational as of April 2011

January - March 2013 Update

During the first quarter additional demand-responsive rate adjustments were completed at meters and garages. The team continued to test other parking sensor vendors. Development of the SFpark data warehouse, transactional, and asset management system continued, including developing additional analytical ability and reports in preparation for evaluation of the pilot project, and developing additional analytical reports for enforcement, garage, and transit data. Data acquisition continued, refining and evaluating quality of prior data sets. Operation of the parking handheld enforcement application (providing parking enforcement officers with real-time data about what spaces are occupied but unpaid) continued. Implemented Sunday metering citywide, and prepared to roll out special event pricing near the baseball stadium by extending meter hours in that area until 10pm. More project information can be found at:

For More Information Contact

Jay Primus
SFpark Manager
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority
Phone: (415) 701-5413

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