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Project - CONNECTICUT: Variable Pricing in I-95 Corridor from New York to New Haven

The study will evaluate the use of congestion pricing strategies in the I-95 corridor from New York to New Haven. The corridor, which includes two expressways and a major commuter rail line, is severely congested with relatively little opportunity to provide additional highway capacity. Congestion pricing offers an opportunity to manage congestion through the more efficient use of existing facilities. It also provides an opportunity to finance improvements to the highways and commuter rail that can provide additional congestion relief.

Feasibility Funds Awarded

January 2012

Anticipated Completion Date

January 2015

January - March 2013 Update

Data collection activities have begun including truck surveys, origin destination surveys and license plate surveys. A Travel Demand Model will be developed for the entire corridor once all data collection is complete. Meetings with the three MPO's in the study area are scheduled to introduce them to the project. A web site is being developed and should be available for the next quarterly update.

For More Information Contact

Gary J. Sojka
Transportation Supervising Planner
Connecticut Department of Transportation
Bureau of Policy and Planning
2800 Berlin Turnpike
Newington, CT 06131
Telephone (860) 594-2025
Fax: (860) 594-2056

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