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Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Interoperability Review Form (TIRF)

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Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Interoperability Review Form (TIRF)

Effective November 9th, 2009, 23 CFR 950 – Interoperability Requirements, Standards, or Performance Specifications for Automated Toll Collection Systems requires that all facilities receiving tolling authority under toll programs contained in Section 1604 of SAFETEA-LU must demonstrate conformance to interoperability requirements for electronic toll collection (ETC).

As such, the agency receiving tolling authority shall provide the following information:

Requirements to use electronic toll collection technology, as defined in 23 CFR 950.3:

1) If ETC is not the sole method proposed for projects operating under either the Value Pricing Pilot Program or the Interstate System Construction Toll Pilot Program, describe alternative methods to be deployed. How do these methods contribute to greater economical efficiency and/or safety (23 CFR 950.5(a))? For projects operating under the Express Lanes Demonstration Program, section 1604(b)(5) requires that only ETC be used.

2) Describe how vehicle operators not enrolled in an interoperable toll collection program will be able to use the toll facility (23 CFR 950.5(b))?

3) How will privacy policies that are developed and implemented to safeguard the disclosure of any data collected concerning users of the toll facility be made available to the public?

Interoperability requirements (23 CFR 950.7):

4) Identify projected users of the facility (23 CFR 950.7(a)(1)).

5) Identify the predominant toll collection systems likely utilized by the users of the facility (23 CFR 950.7(a)(2)).

6) Identify the noncash electronic technology likely to be in use within the next five years in the area (23 CFR 950.7(a)(3)).

7) Describe how the toll collection system will be interoperable, to the maximum degree reasonable, with existing tolling facility technology in the area and technology anticipated over the next 5 years (23 CFR 950.7(c)).

8) Describe accounting procedures to be in place to ensure users are correctly identified and tolls are charged to the appropriate account (23 CFR 950.7(c)).

9) The tolling agency is aware that it must upgrade the toll collection system as necessary to comply with any standards and interoperability tests officially adopted through a future FHWA rulemaking (23 CFR 950.7(d)).

FHWA concurs that the facility's toll collection system's standards and design meet the requirements of 23 CFR 950.

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