Tolling and Pricing Program
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Expression of Interest Form

Program Announcement

Refer to this Federal Register Notice to participate in the program:

Tolling and Pricing Opportunities under the Federal-aid Highway Program

Submit an Expression of Interest Form

The Expression of Interest is a document - in letter, memo, or report format - that provides the rationale for funding or tolling authority and information about the intended project. A complete Expression of Interest, based upon the information items listed below, will enable the Tolling and Pricing Team to provide the best assistance and identify the range of options possible to meet intended goals and timeframes.

The information items requested for a complete Expression of Interest are as follows:

  1. A description of the agency or requesting authority or authorities that is/are requesting this tolling authority where applicable;

  2. The name, title, email, and phone number of the person who will act as the point of contact on behalf of the requesting authority or authorities;

  3. A statement concerning which action they are seeking:
    1. Funding and/or tolling authority via the Value Pricing Pilot program to support either pre-project study activities or implementation activities as permitted; or
    2. Only authority to toll either existing or planned facilities;

  4. A description of the subject facility or facilities proposed to be tolled;

  5. Whether the subject facility is an Interstate or non-Interstate facility;

  6. Whether construction is involved and, if so, whether this is new construction, expansion, rehabilitation, reconstruction, or other;

  7. Whether an HOV lane or lanes currently exist on the facility;

  8. A timetable to enact tolling (or modify tolling) on the subject facility;

  9. Any expressions or declarations of support from public officials or the public (e.g., any public meetings held?). If no public meetings or expressions of support are available, please indicate if there are project plans for ensuring adequate public involvement and support prior to implementation;

  10. A plan for implementing tolls on the facility, where applicable. Where known, the range of anticipated tolls and the strategies to vary toll rates (i.e., the formulae for variable pricing);

  11. The reasons for implementing tolls, such as financing construction, reducing congestion, or improving air quality;

  12. A description of the public agency or agencies that will be responsible for operating, maintaining, and enforcing the tolling program; and

  13. A description of how, if at all, any private entities are involved either in the up-front costs to enact tolling, or the cost sharing or debt retirement associated with revenues.

Template Download

For your convenience, a template (Microsoft Word Template file - 37KB) has been developed which you are encouraged to use by downloading it, filling it out, and returning it as an attachment to your submittal to the Tolling and Pricing Team or via U.S. mail (address included within the template).

An HTML version is available for viewing the template only.

To view MS Word files you need the Microsoft Word Viewer.

Contact Information

Jennifer Ahlin
FHWA Office of Innovative Program Delivery
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FHWA-HIN, Room E84-436
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