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Interstate System Construction Toll Pilot Program

Program Announcement

If you are interested in the Interstate System Construction Toll Pilot Program, please refer to the program announcement for Tolling and Pricing Opportunities under the Federal-aid Highway Program.

This program authorizes up to three facilities on the Interstate System to toll for the purpose of financing the construction of new Interstate highways. A State or an interstate "compact of States" may submit a single candidate project under this program. Each applicant must demonstrate that financing the construction of the facility with the collection of tolls is the most efficient and economical way to advance the project. The State must agree not to enter into a noncompete agreement with a private party under which the State is prevented from improving or expanding the capacity of public roads in the vicinity of the toll facility to address conditions resulting from traffic diverted to nearby roads from the toll facility. There is no special funding authorized for this program. By law, Interstate maintenance funds may not be used on a facility for which tolls are being collected under this program.

The "At-a-Glance" features of this program are as follows:

  • States or Interstate compacts of States are eligible to apply;
  • there is no requirement that the facilities be in different States;
  • tolling must be the most efficient and economical way to finance the project, but it doesn't have to be the only way;
  • a facility management plan must be submitted;
  • automatic toll collection is required;
  • non-compete agreements are prohibited — a State may not enter into an agreement with a private entity that prevents the State from improving or expanding capacity of adjacent roads to address conditions resulting from diverted traffic;
  • revenues may be used only for debt service, reasonable return on investment of private entity, and operation and maintenance costs; regular audits will be conducted;
  • Interstate Maintenance funds may not be used on the facility while it is tolled;
  • applications must be received by FHWA before August 10, 2015.

One of the three available slots has been reserved for new construction of I-73 in South Carolina (see South Carolina's Application (PDF 233KB, DOC 972KB) and FHWA's August 8, 2007 Approval Memorandum (PDF 34KB, DOC 140KB)).

The reservation of a slot under this program is not specific to South Carolina but applies to all of I-73. Thus, if additional States meet the program requirements and wish to construct their portion of I-73 as a toll project, they may apply under this slot.

Program Contact

Greg Wolf

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